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In need of some business insight or guidance? 

Are you a first-time business owner and need to learn the fundamentals of business? 

Or have you been in business for a few years but had no time to leave the area or the job to work “on” your business?

There is something for every level of business owner at

Te Hiku Business Boosters.


Offering a range of workshops, seminars, mentoring and practical one on one advice for all businesses within Te Hiku – yes that’s right, from the Cape, to Totara North all the way to Rawene!


 Te Hiku Business Boosters is delivering a range of workshops designed to help build resilience in your business, your staff and ultimately you, the business owner.

Mentoring & Coaching
Marketing 101 Workshops
Retail & Cyber Security
Business Basic


Retail & Cyber Security

Protection for you, your people and business

Business owners and employees must be aware of information security threats and the common and current methods used to trick people into performing an action that may have disastrous consequences.

Through providing these workshops we aim to improve the overall security of work environments and staff members in Te Hiku through security awareness training.

Situational Safety
A 4 hour workshop designed to assist retail outlets to manage difficult customers, manage the safety of themselves and others during a potentially violent situation and, any other scenario pertinent to their roles. Workshop also includes theft prevention, robbery management and dealing with a violent crisis.

Cyber Security 
A 90 minute workshop which covers a range of security topics, including:

·       Major cyber security risks

·       What's hot in the cybercrime world

·       Case studies of compromised environments

·       Security controls you can put in place

Anti-Theft, Robbery Management, Lockdown

Within this workshop, appropriate skills are demonstrated, explained, and thoroughly discussed to achieve confidence and member empowerment. With the main a focus on theft prevention strategies

Marketing 101

The discipline that drives businesses to success. 

Blah Blah Marketing will provide a number of workshops designed to improve your marketing skills and increase your sales team’s productivity.

Customer Service Skills Workshop 

Blah Blah Marketing’s customer service training is a process that involves teaching skills, competencies, and tools needed to better serve customers which will lead to more sales of products and services.

Any employee that interacts and deals with customers is eligible for customer service training. And given how your customers are your best growth opportunity, every employee should be working hard to keep them happy.
As well as the basic customer service skills, there are four key principles of good customer service which they base their training around;

  • Personalised

  • Competent

  • Convenient

  • Proactive

Sales Superstar Workshop
Blah Blah Marketing sales training is a process that involves teaching skills around how to be an effective salesperson. To give your staff the confidence, competencies, and tools to improve their sales skills around your business’s products and services.

Any employee that is selling your product is eligible for sales training – we do advise that the staff member does the 2-hour basic Customer Service Skills Training Programme prior to attending this workshop.

Sales of products and services comes easy to some, and harder for others often it is around understanding your product that you are selling research and identifying reasons for your customers to buy. Once your sales staff have a thorough understanding of their particular product they can become and ‘expert in their field’ and sales is often a lot easier, with some extra tools under their belt to help the process. Sales should be an enjoyable experience for both customer and employee!

Marketing WOF
A 2 hour workshop designed to 
•    Review where their business is at currently with their marketing.
•    Develop a high level marketing plan, suited to their budget, their abilities, their customers and their products.
•    Identify where they need extra training to complete strategy and plan thus supporting business resilience.

Each business will have an overview of the marketing strategy and have a marketing plan going forward to fit with their specific budget/timelines and identified needs. 

Mentoring & Coaching

Are you stuck in a never-ending loop of worrying? 

Do you feel like you spend all of your time working "in" your business rather than "on" it?


Using time-tested methods, you can reignite your drive for business success through our range of mentoring and coaching workshops

Cultivating Resilience
A series of 4 Full Day workshops supported by 6 coaching sessions used to implement the learnings into each business. The first two workshops will be focused on the Business Owner themselves and building individual resilience for them on their business journey. The second two workshops will dig deeper into the process of building a resilient business.

After each workshop, we will host a coaching session via Zoom to help each business owner implement the processes into their business.


There are two further coaching sessions at the end of the program to help problem-solve, apply and tweak the processes for each business owner.

As ongoing support, each business owner will get access to a training portal including training videos and worksheets for each tool taught throughout the program for 6 months.


Resilience Institute

The Resilience Institute was founded in 2002. Their mission is to deliver high-impact, practical, evidence-based and integrated resilience training by bringing together modern preventative medicine, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience.

Hundreds of thousands of executives and professionals have joined their community. They have built healthier bodies, achieved greater levels of emotional intelligence, and have developed stronger minds. Thus, they bring the performance benefits of resilience to work.

Resilient people are calm, energised, engaged, focused and creative. Learned resilience positively influences the way people think about themselves (less worry, hypervigilance, self criticism) and their physical well-being (better sleep, nutrition, fitness, relaxation).

Business Basics

Gain knowledge on business fundamentals. 

Designed to help you gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of running a business.


Basic accounting principles, variable vs fixed costs, break even points, GST, obtaining a book-keeper, Xero tips and tricks

Legal structures

Insurances – who & what.


Upcoming Events

  • Mental Health Awareness Workshop
    Mental Health Awareness Workshop
    Wed, 03 Jul
    Building Safer Communities
    03 Jul 2024, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
    Building Safer Communities , 5 Puckey Avenue, Kaitaia 0410, New Zealand
    The Mental Health Awareness Workshop provides a comprehensive overview of mental health, including types of mental illnesses, workplace risk factors, and prevention strategies. The workshop fosters a safe environment for discussions, ensuring that attendees leave with valuable knowledge and tools.
  • Site Supervisor Training
    Site Supervisor Training
    Thu, 15 Aug
    Te Ahu - Banquet Room
    15 Aug 2024, 7:30 am – 5:00 pm
    Te Ahu - Banquet Room, Corner of State Highway 1 and Mathews Avenue, Kaitaia 0410, New Zealand
    A two-day course designed to provide the leadership, technical and interpersonal skills to improve worker health and safety awareness on the job.
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